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We at Globus Labs Consulting, we supports our customers to apply rich thinking and ideas to stay ahead and focused. Today, world is moving faster than at any other time in the history, and tomorrow surely going to be very challenging for every business houses and enterprises we can’t think about.









SAP, SAP Business One, Mobile Device Infrasture Management, Consultancy, Implementation of ERP and WMS, Integration with SAP and auto identification devices and systems. CRM Implementation, Implementation of Talking Warehouse, Integration of Voice-Driven Warehouse, Application Development, Outsourcing, Retail Managements, Enterprise Mobility, Product Development



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While we engage in finding out the best possible way to solve and address the business challenges of our customers, we never ignore the challenges of future and we consider that too. Which always give a great competitive advantages to our customers.

Our consulting services give business analyses our customer needs and to go behind with the implementation. We always believe to be flexible enough to deliver on-demand, as desired and best suited solutions so quickly and cost-effectively. And our competence in viewing unseen beyond the wall makes us suggest the rich and reliable solutions to our customers.

Our dedicated and experts team focus on advising business on how best to use information technology to meet customer’s business objectives and address business challenges by helping them estimate, manage, implement, deploy, and administer IT system, products, software and tools.




  • Supply Chain
  • Warehouse Solution
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Asset Tracking
  • Van Sales / SFA
  • Point Of Care
  • ERP
  • SAP BI
  • Logistic & 3PL
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing